Klein Charter Policies For Group Travel



Customer will receive a full refund on the deposit if the trip is cancelled 30 days prior to the departure date. Customer will be charged 50% of the total transportation amount if cancellation is made 29 - 7 days prior to departure date. There is no refund if cancelled six days or less prior to departure date.


Child/Car Seat Policy

No car seats permitted. For the safety and enjoyment of all passengers, every child must be four years of age or older.


Damage or Return of Vehicle in Unacceptable Condition

Our vehicles are carefully inspected and cleaned prior to departure from our garage. Any damage to seats, windows or other parts of the vehicle that is caused by a member of the group chartering the bus shall be the financial responsibility of the chartering group. Klein Transportation will bill the group for repairs and damage. If there will be eating and/or drinking on the vehicle we request the group to bring trash bags. If the vehicle requires excessive cleaning, the group will be charged up to $300 per vehicle. Your credit card will be charged the following business day. Kegs, glass bottles or propane tanks are not permitted on our vehicles.


Electronic Devices

Operation of PA System, radio, VCR or DVD and monitors is not guaranteed.



The price on this confirmation is based on the itinerary given to Klein Transportation at the time of pricing. Should the itinerary, actual miles of the trip or time change at any time prior to the trip's departure or be different upon the return of the trip, the group will be billed accordingly. On the day of the trip any change in itinerary must be approved by our office and may result in additional charges.



10% deposit or $100 (whichever is greater) per vehicle booked is due upon receipt of our written confirmation. Final payment is due 30 days prior to trip date. Reservations made less than 30 days prior to the trip date must be paid by credit card or cash at the time of booking. A $30 fee will be charged for any checks that are returned to us by the bank. Payment in full is required before Klein Transportation can make any payment for meals, lodgings or attractions for a group and varies according to the vendor involved. Refund policies also vary according to the vendor involved and will be stated on your written confirmation.



ARE NOT included in the price. To express appreciation for a job well done the customary industry guideline is $2 - $5 per person per day or 12% of charter price.


No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on Klein Motorcoaches or School Buses.



Pending Klein Transportation approval, customers may reschedule their trip without penalty. This notice must be received 12 hours prior to departure time. If customer cancels and does not reschedule, refer to our cancellation policy for the cancellation fee. If customer cancels after our driver has reported, there is a cancellation fee of $150.


Passenger Accommodations

Klein Transportation operates its programs and services in compliance with Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities; Reasonable Modification of Policies and Practices (49CRF Parts27 and 37) to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to our services. We can assist those traveling alone, with a personal care attendant, or accompanied by a service animal.  We ask that all passengers needing extra assistance arrive early and allow time to store mobility aids and/or operate wheelchair lifts. Our drivers and customer service representatives are available to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities and can accommodate the following mobility aids/devices (including but not limited to): wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, canes, crutches, and service and comfort animals.


Personal Items & Luggage

Klein Transportation is not responsible for luggage or items left, stolen or damaged on the bus.


The United States Department of Transportation regulates the charter bus industry. Drivers are required to carry a current physical exam card, undergo drug testing under the DOT rules and regulations and maintain a log for miles and hours of service. DOT regulation 395.10 restricts driving hours. Because of these restrictions drivers may not be able to tour with or transport passengers upon arrival at your destination. Please call your sales person before finalizing your itinerary.

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