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Student Transportation


School District Transportation Contracts

Klein has a proven track record of providing providing student school bus transportation services.  For more than 60 years four generations of the Klein family continue to lend their personal touch to each school customer and customize transportation services to meet their needs.


We realize that transporting students takes a special kind of person and that is why Klein Transportation's recruitment, hiring, and training processes all happen in-house and we hire only applicants from the local community. We are proud to say our commitment to our customers and our employees keeps our drivers coming back each year.


Our school buses are available to charter for group transportation and long term private and public home-to-school transportation services. School Groups who need itineraries for planned trips or simply need transportation, call the office for information and prices or request a quote online. Air conditioning is available on school buses by request.


The Ease of Outsourcing Transportation

School bus transportation is becoming more popular each school year. Benefits to your school district such as reduced administrative and equipment costs, a brand new fleet of school buses, no more headaches concerning driver hiring and/or firing, driver recruitment, training, licensing, and credentials are significant. The largest benefit to most school districts concerns the overall lower year-over-year operating costs of a contracted school bus fleet. With Klein Transportation, you are in the drivers' seat.


Outsourcing School Bus Transportation with Klein

School entities who choose to outsource transportation are able to redirect both energies and resources to their core function, education. Klein Transportation has the history, experience, and expertise to provide bus services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible while maintaining the highest levels of safety and reliable service.


Klein Transportation is the expert at providing school transportation.


Klein is especially resourceful in that we can bundle motorcoach and charter travel for sports teams, field trips, athletic championships, and employee business travel into one contract, managed by your dedicated transportation associate. We can provide routing services, itinerary planning services for field trips, operations management, and transportation consulting. Klein Transportation has the ability to discuss options related to upgrading or replacing an aging fleet.


Klein can be in charge of driver hiring, firing, training, drug and alcohol testing, benefits and wages. Klein can hire your district employees, protect their current wages and benefits through contract specifications, while still reducing employee costs for the school district.


Vehicles Available

The following vehicles are available for Charter or Daily Home-to-School Transportation contracts:

  • 72 Student Passenger Large School Buses   

  • 48 Adult Passenger Large School Buses 

  • 33 Adult Passenger Executive Vehicle

  • 30 Student Passenger Mini School Buses

  • 20 Adult Passenger Mini School Buses

  • Wheelchair Accessible School Buses


Klein Transportation is interested in receiving requests for proposal for school district transportation contracts. 

Student Services and Contract Types

  • Athletics Transportation

  • Field and Fun Trips

  • Music and Activity Trips

  • Shuttle Services

  • Special Needs Transport

  • Airport Transport

  • Itinerary Planning 

Klein Transportation

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